Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Testing

Heartworm disease is a serious problem in our area due to a large mosquito population. Once a dog is infected, parasitic worms inhabit the animals heart and lungs restricting normal function. Often fatal if not treated, heart worm disease is extremely easy to avoid with monthly prevention.

We also recommend yearly heartworm testing to ensure your pet is the healthiest he/she can be. This procedure is easily done by gathering a small amount of blood and running a quick in office test, which takes only 10-15 minutes.  

​Intestinal parasites can easily be tested for by collecting a stool sample from your pet. The most common intestinal worms found in our pets includes, but is not limited to: roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms and hookworms. The most common side effect of infestation is loose stool.

Animals pick up these parasites from various places:

  • ​Unclean living facilities 
  • Soil
  • Fleas

​Several of these parasites are contagious to humans, so deworming your beloved pets is crucial, not only for their health, but for your own. 

We have several products available at our office to assist you in all your heartworm and intestinal parasite needs. We would be happy to discuss all of your options.