The majority of owners forget their pets age much faster than humans. This onset of old age can cause issues in previously healthy animals, which can be both unexpected and distressing.

Here at Lunenburg Animal Hospital, it is our goal to make sure our geriatric pets feel better and have the longest, productive life possible. Unfortunately, there is no cure for old age, but we can make it as easier.  

Listed below are some health recommendations for pets over the age of 6:

  • Annual physical examinations to aid in early disease diagnosis
  • Annual vaccinations
  • Administer heartworm prevention every month
  • Annual heartworm blood test
  • Complete geriatric blood screening; recommended yearly
  • Dental examination at least once a year
  • Spay and/or neuter at an early age
  • Encourage exercise
  • Feed a geriatric diet matching the needs of your specific pet
  • Vitamin and necessary supplements